Dukes of Topsail Sound (Roaster)

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Garden & Gun magazine said that the world famous, "Dukes of Topsail Sound are arguably the best damn oyster in the South."

They're easy to shuck and have a nice, consistent shell size. Rich in flavor, these oysters have a strong, buttery brininess to them. Similar to a scallop.

These oysters come from the N. Sea. Oyster Co. whose mission is, "Dedicated to raising craft, sustainable shellfish that embody the taste of North Carolina while maintaining a positive impact on the environment."

Cultivated utilizing a mixture of Australian and French oyster farming techniques, these oysters are grown primarily on a 300-foot suspended longline. They endure a rigorous dry and tumble schedule. Facing extreme exposure to air helps them develop a thick, clean shell and large adductor muscle. The oysters are sorted and washed 8-12 times before reaching market size and spend a considerable amount of time in tide tumbling gear, which helps groom them perfectly by the pushing and pulling of the moon. Each oyster is sorted and packaged by hand, and then washed down and purged with the raw, blue-green, nutrient rich seawater of the Stump Sound that they grow in to ensure peak quality.

We have two different varieties of Dukes to offer:

Cocktail - About 3" in length, cocktail oysters have a delicate, tender texture, and a more uniform shape/size, making them perfect for serving raw on the half-shell.
Roaster - About 4"+ in length, roasters are larger and have more irregularities in their shape/size than the cocktail variety, and their slightly firmer texture make them perfect for grilling, roasting, steaming, or smoking!