Easy Seared Scallops Recipe

Easy Seared Scallops Recipe

Dry Pack Scallops are a Madden’s Seafood customer favorite and this Seared Scallops Recipe is so simple to prepare. Scallops offer a delicate, fresh flavor along with high protein health benefits. This easy recipe can have delicious seared Scallops on your plate in less than 10 minutes.

Fresh seafood offers so many health benefits, but it is even better when you know there are no added preservatives or additives to what you are eating. Our Wild Harvested Dry Pack Scallops are both free of preservatives and artificial hormones. Scallops are a very lean source of protein as well, with a 4 oz serving offering over 20 grams of protein.


Dry Pack Scallops Recipe Madden's Seafood Raleigh NC 

Wet vs Dry Scallops

Wet or Dry Scallops refers to the manner in which the Scallops are processed after they are harvested. The Scallops we carry at Madden’s Seafood are Dry Pack Scallops meaning they have no additional preservatives added after they have been harvested. Wet Scallops have been treated most commonly with a preservative called (STP) to prolong shelf life. STP not only makes it more difficult  for the scallops to be seared easily, but the flavor of Wet Scallops can sometimes have a soapy taste due to this chemical. Our Dry Pack Scallops don’t have that worry and they sear up perfectly every time!

Here is an article that further outlines the differences between Wet vs Dry Scallops --> https://www.finecooking.com/article/wet-versus-dry-scallops


What is the secret to cooking Scallops?

The key to cooking the perfect seared scallops recipe is ensuring that the pan and oil are hot enough when you add the scallops. We prefer using a cast iron pan due to its ability to retain heat. We recommend cooking the Scallops at Medium High to High heat for the perfect sear. The scallops should only take around 2 minutes per side to cook thoroughly and create a nice seared crust. 

Pat dry the scallops with a paper towel prior to placing in the oil to help lock in that good exterior sear. Place the scallops in the pan so they don’t get too close to one another causing them to create a steaming effect together. Lastly, the scallops should make a strong sizzling noise when you set them in the pan and allow them time to cook without moving them around the pan.

What is the best oil to cook scallops?

Olive oil is the most common thought when it comes to cooking scallops on the stove top, but because of its lower smoke point it is not the best option when Searing Scallops at a high heat. Vegetable oils, Avocado oil or clarified butter are ideal for pan searing scallops and will offer a richer, finished flavor to the seared scallops.


Easy Seared Scallops Recipe Madden's Seafood Raleigh NC


Easy Seared Scallops Recipe



 -1 lb Madden’s Seafood Dry Pack Scallops

-2 tablespoon Butter

 -1 tablespoon oil (high smoke point- Avocado, Vegetable, Grapeseed, etc)

 -½ teaspoon Sea Salt

 -½ teaspoon Black Pepper

  1. Pat scallops dry with a paper towel and season them evenly with the Sea Salt and Black Pepper
  2. Begin heating the pan over medium high heat
  3. Once the pan is at temperature add your one tablespoon oil to begin heating for around one minute
  4. When the oil has been heated properly you can now add your scallops to the pan. Make sure to evenly space the Scallops apart from one another so they lock in the delicious sear and they don’t accidentally steam one another. Cook on that side for around two minutes.
  5. Use tongs to flip the Scallops after two minutes and add the two tablespoons of butter to the pan. Slowly baste the Scallops with the butter and cook for around 2 minutes as well.
  6. Remove from the pan and let sit briefly prior to serving. Enjoy!


Closing Thoughts

Creating gourmet quality recipes with fresh seafood at home can seem daunting at times, but we hope this Easy Scallops recipe shows how simple it truly can be. When choosing a fresh seafood option it is always good to understand how the seafood was treated and if there were any preservatives or chemicals added to the seafood. Madden’s Dry Pack Scallops are wild harvested and free from any preservatives. 

Try Madden’s Dry Pack Scallops this week and sear them to perfection!

See you at the Stand!

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